We produce oil of rich and delicate taste

JSO is a company which produces high quality virgin oil from pumpkin seed with inherent nutritional, medicinal and cosmetic properties. Modern technological process enables us to

collect, transport, wash, dry, clean, pack, and store the seeds in just 8 hours, thus completely preserving even the tiniest nutrients that pumpkin seed contains.


We have linked nature with the latest breakthroughs in production technology. In a region with centuries of experience in food production, we have pooled local resources, local expertise and experience with world renowned experts and state-of-the-art technology.

Our factory is located in the northern part of Serbia, more precisely in Vojvodina, in the village of Novo Miloševo, where we grow the pumpkins from which Olga oil is produced. Olga, virgin oil, is produced under strictly controlled conditions and in a carefully designed production process - from the growing of pumpkins, oil extraction from its seeds by mechanical pressing, through packaging to distribution. This production process allows us to fully control all stages and each segment in the creation of a bottle of Olga oil.

Production Process and Production control

JSO actively preforms full control of the entire process of oilseed pumpkin production both in its own fields and the fields belonging to its cooperatives. Over the whole year, we grow pumpkins on an area of more than 1000 ha and prepare them for harvesting using new and modern equipment.

A detailed process of washing, cleaning, selecting and polishing the seeds is carried out using state-of-the-art equipment. The seed is dried for several hours in strictly defined conditions under software-based monitoring in order to keep the possibility of an error at a minimum. In the production process we combine high technology and tradition. Our oil mill is equipped with two stone mills, which is a rarity in the modern industry across Europe.

The mass obtained by grinding the grain between two stones is transferred to mechanical hydraulic presses where, under a 300 bar pressure, Olga oil is extracted; the oil does not pass any additional technological process, it is immediately moved to the tanks where it is stored. After several days, the oil is placed into appropriate packaging which preserves all the nutritional properties of oil.

The carefully developed production process allows us to “close” the ecological circle, using natural resources and creating a 100% natural product. Our oil is unrefined and we obtain it using a mechanical pressing method which excludes chemical processes. JSO is a socially responsible company which meets all environmental standards.